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In the Epoch of might and happiness of the state, as a result of the continuous and tireless efforts of our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov aimed at the rapid development of the industrial sector to strengthen the national economy of our country, the foundations of strategic important structures are being built, industrial enterprises equipped with the most modern technological equipment are being built, major repairs are being carried out all existing enterprises.

In the capital of our country in the city of Ashgabat, in the regions and districts, in all corners of our country, the construction work of residential, industrial and industrial buildings and facilities is underway at a rapid pace. The economy of our country is also growing rapidly. In this regard, the growing demand for industrial products. To ensure the construction of these buildings and facilities with high-quality industrial products is the task of the Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan.

The industry is tasked with providing the necessary quantity of high-quality industrial material to the construction market of our country. And industrial production is based on more frequent use of local minerals.

List of enterprises of the Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan

1. Production Association "Turkmencement"

It is a subordinate enterprise of the Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan, it has 4 controlled factories in Baharly, Lebaз, Kelet and Jebel.

2. “Turkmenmermer” CJSC

"Turkmenmermer" Closed Joint Company - produces coating materials from natural stone, which include tiles, steps, window products of different sizes and some parts of small architecture figures.

3. Plant for the production of aerated concrete

The plant for the production of aerated concrete is equipped with the latest technological equipment with an annual design production capacity of 200 thousand m3. Low thermal conductivity of aerated concrete products makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of heating and cooling houses.

4. "Turkmenmendashry" Production Association

Since the foundation of the past period, the production association Turkmenndashlary has enterprises for the production of non-ore building materials.

5. "Turkmendemironumleri" State enterprise

The plant produces construction fittings, channels and angles of various sizes. The state enterprise "Turkmendemironumleri" is located on the 22nd kilometer of the Ashgabat-Dashoguz highway in Derwese district, Akhal region.

6. "Turkmendemirbetonumleri" Production Association

It performs work on the production and sale of concrete products, aluminum, iron and plastic doors, stained glass windows, windows, gutters, expanded clay products, expanded clay bricks, metal products, technical and medical oxygen, and also performs construction and installation work on the order of other enterprises.